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Effects of Bauhaus school in architectural education

Güncelleme tarihi: 23 Mar 2021

The Bauhaus school was founded in Weimar in 1919 under the direction of Walter Gropius, whose influence on the world of Architecture, Design and education was much longer lasting, although it remained open for only 14 years.

In this school, every designer should be able to apply his or her method freely. The educational institutions that adopt the Bauhaus School aim to gain this libertarian point of view to the students. While various crafts are taught within the same institution, the artistic abilities of the students are strengthened. Apart from architecture, the Bauhaus School of Art and design also includes departments such as children's furniture design, photography, sculpting, town planning, banner and advertising design. When you look at today's universities, you can see that these professional groups relate to each other in two different ways. In some universities, the Faculty of architecture and the Faculty of Fine Arts are separate from each other. Within the scope of the Faculty of architecture, however, different disciplines such as Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Industrial Design and urban planning meet. In some universities, these two faculties are positioned together and gathered under the umbrella of the Faculty of Fine Arts. Thus, the branches of craft and art come together in a full sense. The common point of all these professions is design, and design comes to you at almost every moment of life. From Bauhaus ' point of view, you can never ignore functionality in your designs, no matter what area you are interested in. According to this principle, artisans should be able to think like artists, while artists should be able to work like artisans.

Bauhaus philosophy, the basic idea in the establishment of many art schools has formed.

Considering Bauhaus's out-of-order education system, Walter Gropius explained in the manifesto how different the period was from the concept of art school. :

"Art is above all methods, it cannot be taught at its core, whereas craft can be taught without doubt. Architects, painters and sculptors are literally artisans. For this reason, all students will be asked to receive a comprehensive craft training to be obtained in workshops, experimentation and practice areas as the basic condition of all kinds of artistic production. Our own workshops will be developed over time and apprenticeship agreements will be made with outside workshops. The school is in the service of the workshop and will melt in it one day. Therefore, the Bauhaus will have masters, journeymen and apprentices instead of teachers or students. Training format of workshops it is caused by its property.

Today, we do not see art and creativity in the faculties of architecture in universities opened in many cities of Turkey. With this understanding, art has no place in the field of architecture. This is also the case in our school. We have only one semester of basic design in the context of Bauhaus school, which ends before we know what it is. In addition, our school aimed not to teach, but to teach to learn, to use our creativity. But this training was limited only to the discipline of architecture.

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